Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Post

Welcome to my new blog. I am calling it “Doug Reviews Things” because it is my blog, there is a big internet out there, and screw you I’ll call it whatever the hell I want. I am using the word “things” because I want to leave it broad as to what I will be reviewing.

At first, what you’ll find here will be a superfluous dissection of the new fall television lineup and current attractions at the local theater. But I want to keep my options open.

The things I’ve written in the past have always been nice and superficial. Surface level commentary peppered with jokes has served me well as a strong defense mechanism against feelings. However, if you are a returning reader from the days of TwoBrothersRant, the Idaho State Journal, or even TwoBrothersSports, what you might find this time is the occasional broaching of serious topics, with actual honesty and insight into some of my insecurities. Aren’t I sweet and vulnerable? I will now give you four minutes and thirty two seconds to go to YouTube and watch the video for REM’s “Everybody Hurts.”

Are you back? Did you really think I was going all Kurt from “Glee?” Get real. 

If you hang around long enough, though, you might be around on the day when I open up about serious topics, like my support for gay marriage in the face of maintaining my active stance in favor of being a Mormon. Oh, by the way, some of that might come out, too. Has a High Councilman’s talk in church ever been reviewed by a blogger? Probably, but there’s always room for more.

I will update throughout the week. Tomorrow night is the season premiere of “The Voice.” Here is my promise to you: If I can pull myself away from Christina Aguilera’s nauseating cleavage long enough to type a sentence, I will post here again tomorrow night.

Also up this week: The Bachelor Pad, X Factor, and So You Think You Can Dance

Other Reviews Coming Soon: Lawless- I won’t say much here, but I will tell you that men suffering from an erection lasting more than four hours are either experiencing a Viagra side effect, or they recently saw Jessica Chastain wander through Tom Hardy’s house.

Hit and Run- Dax Shepherd and Bradley Cooper? What could go wrong?

(Oh, and I'm trying to be with it, so if you don't click the links, some of the post will be lost on you. Don't be lame)


  1. I'm all for free speech but Xtinas cleavage is off limits!

  2. Did you just call cleavage nauseating?

  3. TwoBrothersRant was great! Looking forward to seeing what this has to offer.

  4. Don't toy with my feelings and give up after only a couple months.... I've accomplished so little since 2B rants went off the air....