Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Doug Reviews Refs

Who is mad? I'm not going to rehash what happened last night in Seattle. If you don't know about the suspect officiating by the time you get to this blog, you probably haven't made it to this blog. You also probably build energy efficient fire places to sell to the Gentiles.

But I'm serious, who, really, is mad about this event?

The Packers? Maybe some of them, but I suspect most of them are just happy for the distraction, so they don't have to account for giving up 8 SACKS! The Packer offensive line feels like Gary Conduit on September 12, 2001.

ESPN? Yeah right. How much does viewership, listenership, Twittermanship, website readership, etc. go up after a fiasco like last night? This is "The Decision" all over again. ESPN gets to spend increased time bad mouthing their own products while charging millions in advertising revenue.

The Seahawks? Do you think the Seahawks are really feeling bad about this win? Bad enough to forfeit the victory? No.

The fans? We football fanatics love something to talk about. Last night's game was pretty much a yawn fest. And now, we have something to discuss and dissect and shake our heads about. We get to all play expert in our social/work circles, talking about officiating and strikes and unions and America. Yeah, we live for controversy like this.

The league? Here's my response to all the "we need to stop watching until the refs come back" rhetoric: hahahahahahahHahahahahahahabbbBhBhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahaaha!

The NFL is not at all bothered that everyone is talking about their league. The Steve Youngs of the world can go on tirades about how the NFL is falling apart, and he can do so unfettered. The owners will continue to cash those checks, or bury pots of gold, or whatever it is rich white men do to increase their bank account totals.

The replacement refs? How many interviews, tours, television appearances, exclusives, and book deals will come from this experiment? I say at least double digits. These guys are famous! And in America, we don't mess around with fame.

And finally...

The real refs? If you were on strike, hoping to get paid, hoping to get benefits, full time status and more money, isn't last night a gift from football Jesus? You now know, with no additional negotiating tactics or lawyers or statements, the tide has shifted in your favor.

So I repeat, who is mad?

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