Friday, November 2, 2012

Lunch Break

I am back at the sandwich shop for my lunch break. Only this time, instead of the Italian BMT, I went with the Cold Cut Trio.

On my walk over here, I stopped to talk to a hobo named Walter. I didn't say much, but here's what I learned about Walter.

1) Walter has 12 kids. When speaking of them, ages 32-19, his eyes welled up with tears and he asked me, "What the H am I doing with my life?" He actually said "H," which I thought was funny because of the litany of actual F-words he said leading up to this exchange.

Anyway, his voice cracked as he told me to be a goo father and don't mess up my kids' lives like he did to his.

2) Walter has had tests performed on him. He has an IQ of over 297, and has been told he is one of the four smartest people on the planet. He told me he thinks that might be BS because, again, look what he is doing with his life.

3) Walter has been to war, and has a range of 2,917 Meters. At this point, the tears returned as he asked me why they made him kill? He explained that he never wanted to kill anyone, and he despises himself for it. I didn't really know what to say, so I reminded him he was doing what he did under orders and thanked him or his service to our country. That's when he told me he loved me for the first time.

4) Walter is some sort of Neurosurgeon/engineer. He told me he has fixed the brains of many people with brain damage. He has to keep it under wraps though, because if the government found out he was still doing it, they'd kill him.

At this point, Walter had to get to the social security office and I had to get to Subway, so we exchanged emails, I gave him a $5, we told each other we loved one another and parted ways.

Now, Walt was pretty drunk, so I don't think he was completely honest with me...but on the off chance he was completely telling the truth, was I just in the opening scene of the most intriguing movie ever? Are they filming and I just don't know about it?

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